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Showing posts from March 28, 2008

Speaking My Mind

This was interesting. I started a blog in March 2005.It had one line in it. After that I reconsidered to blog again in 2007 created a adsense account too but never updated any content.The third attempt came when I started thinking in the same lines in September 2007 but it was just for 2 days when I was in Jackson heights Roosevel avenue.This is my 4th attempt to get into blogging and I have spent more than 2 hours per day since March 18th. This time the urge to write and reach out to people has been inevitably high.

Selecting a template was one of the toughest things I faced,however I tried hand trying more than 20 templates before I narrowed down on this.

I am amazed at my thoughts which have such a great bandwidth ranging from a trivial nothing to a turbulent storm,I respect all of them since they all nurture me to evolve further.

To See a Rainbow I some how feel we definitely got to stand the RAIN.