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True Face of Feverishly Inventive Imagination

Many of us work what is told or what is assigned or delegated. Few brains just invent path breaking things. Leonardo da vinci has set a standard which no one has gone past so far with his feverishly inventive imagination in quite a many fields. He is been a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.

below video throws light on his true face.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day - Legacy Of Mother

Aug 16th is the birthday of material women(Madonna) & exactly 10 days..later itz a world of difference...itz Mother Teresa's birthday.

what would be that act to leave everything on a dream call and adopt,embrace a new nation of suffering all through life. very Motherly right.she is one of the miracle modern India needed. with her life she strongly sent a message to the world with her relentless selfless service.

below are the legacy videos of Mother.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Karma Philosophy

Karma is the deed or action. I strongly believe this doctrine can be safely disassociated with any form of religion for its very scientific.

In this podcast I just tried to narrate a brief material however its obviously documented in all grandeur.

hope u Njoy...

Tum Ko Dekhe Bina

Like ..tweeter...has tweets...these small music files are called sweetz.(a name given by me :)

we may generally like a particular part of a song...which will be fun to record and hearing back.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day :)))

Wishing Happy the one who has done philanthropy to the world of music & fashion.

Ladies & Gentlemen itz Madonna...all the way.

Highly Sanskritized Brilliance(Tatsama) : Jana Gana Mana In 39 Voices

Even before we enchant along below video,I just wanted to make a small note on the prowess which needs no re-iteration to our very Noble Laurette --- "RABINDRANATH TAGORE"

One man whose vision binds a nation of billion people in universal brotherhood. His other poem also becomes national anthem for Bangladesh.Universal thoughts have no borders rather they just dissolve them & helps us keep strongly connected.