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Showing posts from June 19, 2011

BAPS Toronto 360 Virtual Tour & Bhaja Govinda by Kumuda

3d photography adds life to picture,taking us more close to reality.

If You Have Red & CYAN 3D Glasses this tour might be really appealing to dive into this virtual tour.

Virtual tour video

3d Gallery

below is one of the worlds favorite...spiritual essence given Adi Shankaracharya.

Its been sung by many famous singers. I found this video while surfing net in Tokyo &

ever since liked this,it has good translation & some important verses from "Bhaja Govinda"

Njoy !!!

Revisiting Hindustani PoP ---->Shuba Mudgal

Shuba Mudgal one of my fav Hindustani classical singer for experimenting the pop music.

It definitely added a new vibe with her exuberant voice.