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World - Infinite Growth with Finite Resources

How did we reach here ? probably in is moving so quick , everyone is trying to catch-up with whatever they can but no one knows where we are headed to 😊

Industrial revolution followed by 3rd wave 20th century growth focused always on growing year on year. When we take a brief pause and look back we see that in the process we have created huge imbalance between the haves and have nots.  World ecology has taken a dramatic hit.

Our current actions doesn't seem rationale from a economics standpoint when we ask a simple question how do we get Infinite growth with finite resources ?

With our current approach it doesn't  really work for too long. I chanced upon a brilliant perspective by Kate Raworth on how to handle the 21st century economy where the economic elements feed on each other and are renewable. A brief intro on what is Doughnut Economics. Do read her latest book "7 ways to think like a 21st century Economist".

Have 180 seconds - Get a new perspective on Globalization from Nobel Prize Winner....

we all believe the whole world is highly connected and all economies are interacting with each other.
is this phenomenon happening as expected or is there any side effects or any under currents to it ?

Check this video to get a new perspective on globalization from Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz.