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N&B @Google London....please dont say woWWWW :)))

we all generally create our own music when we sing or try to back up with instrumental sounds using vocals ,Nathan flutebox & Beardyman @Google London,just outperform leaving no room to instruments.

Very Easy Song if You Are Into Karaoke....

If you are into Karaoke this will be such a easy song to sing.

Its very easy because of superb composition.

BAPS Toronto 360 Virtual Tour & Bhaja Govinda by Kumuda

3d photography adds life to picture,taking us more close to reality.

If You Have Red & CYAN 3D Glasses this tour might be really appealing to dive into this virtual tour.

Virtual tour video

3d Gallery

below is one of the worlds favorite...spiritual essence given Adi Shankaracharya.

Its been sung by many famous singers. I found this video while surfing net in Tokyo &

ever since liked this,it has good translation & some important verses from "Bhaja Govinda"

Njoy !!!

Revisiting Hindustani PoP ---->Shuba Mudgal

Shuba Mudgal one of my fav Hindustani classical singer for experimenting the pop music.

It definitely added a new vibe with her exuberant voice.


Smile falls on your face, without your knowledge :)

Just for fun...received an email forward from a friend..thought its worth to share the laugh...njoy...

Why do we sometimes write 'etc' at the end in the exam?

bcoz it means...

E-End of


How to Create d Biggest Doubt in ur Wife's Mind 4 u?


Just Suddenly send her SMS Saying..

"I Luv u too"

When do you knw ur in love?
Ans. When you start searching for the cheapest mobile plan

Wht is the Diff b/w
Young Age & Old Age?



In Young Age
Phone Is Full Of Darlings Numbers..

In Old Age
Its Full of Doctors Numbers..!-

A Ques Asked In A Talent Test:
If You Are Married To 1 Of The Twin Sisters, How wud You Recognize Your WIFE?

The Best Answer
- Why d Hell Should I recognise?

What is the diff.betwe…

Russian Comedy :)))

Hillarious Extravaganza in Telugu :)))

Must Watch Hillarious Extravaganza in Telugu :)))

Solid Liquid - Vitrification :)))

What you see is not what all it is. may be its more appropriate what all it was :) Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi....Solid was once Liquid.

Glass is a super cooled liquid & the process of rapidly cooling it is called Vitrification.

The Corning Museum Of Glass   will take you to a new world of possibilities.

Try some videos on the corning museum channel below this video or in the above site.

<p><br><iframe width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p>

Wanna Add Value To Your Remittance To INDIA.....

Remit 2 India or Citi Suvidha account are the general remittance choices to India. 

I have got below links from friends & noticed the exchange rates are quite good when compared to above 2 options.

Hope you too enjoy more money out of currency arbitrage :)

Money 2 India

SBI Remit

Note: FD's of various tenure,USD FCNR option are also available, do your research & do not consider this as a recommendation,its only for information :))

Classical Magic Starts @ 3 :1 7

Hariharan needs no intro for Indian...especially if you are south & anyone from the classical music fraternity.

he renders a song very nicely however...draws all audience with his dazzling command.

Drag the video bar to 3:17 if u hav less patience :))   

In the end see too the faces of audience they are completely thrilled with happiness of RAGA :)

The Unchained Melody with Lyrics

for the Classical music lover Itz a TREAT...
Itz Lyrics are A beauty...& vocals....THE BEST.

if u are info maniac here is wiki melody on its stupendous performance over the years since the 50's 

haha....ok....plz ...head on to this melodious addiction... :)

To view & hear the song with lyrics.......Ladies & Gentlemen here we go presenting you 

*********   The Unchained Melody   ***********

by Righteous Brothers.

video with lyrics