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The Blue Eyed Shisha Girl....

Warning: Characters in the story are fictious any resemblance to any person is merely a coincidence and not intentional.

In the beautiful meadows of central Europe there used to be a bubbly girl Maggie. Her eyes were blue and elegantly intriguing. With light going attitude and a lovely nature, fascination to explore she was a delight to be with. Constant quest for new experiences has kept her on toes. Undoubtedly Maggie was a heartthrob.

Time and tide wait for none so did her age. Her propensity to find answers to her solitude has made her prepared. Being a natural explorer once she set out for Egypt. Passing through mighty pharoah’s, tedious camel rides and the adventurous desert experiences made her come alive. Amidst the traversal of such pleasurable experiences on one fine day her sight fell on a Shisha.

She couldn’t pull off her sight, as the Shisha was artistically colorful. She yielded to the price without much bargain as the tempta…