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Did Cooking Make Us Human :)

In every bite as we relish to who we are now there goes a lot of history.   This history takes us back to our ancestors who had to sacrifice their earlier ways & traverse the road not taken.

If you relish enjoy eating raw or cooked,veg or non veg, high fat or low fat.... this video will allow you to awaken a new realization behind the brain sending the mouthwatering signals on sight of a delicious prey :P

Pandora For Telugu Songs -

The Pandora for Telugu songs....well that sounds too exciting right?

hold on to your horses folks its nevertheless good entertainment though exaggerated.

Good quality bitrate songs over the internet with some appealing features like apps for android & iphone

mobile users. What more do you need to rev up your ear buds? Play on with your heart... Its

Click here  for non stop melodious music.