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Sat Cuisine Part 1

Sat Cuisine started on june 6th 2006,out of necessity where I had to venture into kitchen for the first time in life just for survival :)
well,well I discovered a kinda meditation...for it is a different territory equally challenging to conquer for I have never done it :),colourfully delicious :0)
I was so very hungry but tried my first cooking experiment with Egg in a cooker and when I removed the shell after its boiled, I must agree it was a beauty , so very soft & pure white.

The feeling of touch was awesome.....and then I prepared biryani and placed eggs on it for decoration. One egg was slightly deformed because my hands were to harsh on them ...I decorated it with ketchup like a hens beak.
Got a thought further to place Atlas behind this whole setting and click a snap,felt for a moment hen was sacrificing itself for the whole world and then clicked the snap,I couldn't live for long in admiration since I was hungry like a Hungarian :)
and then....onwards any new dish I prepare…