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Showing posts from September 11, 2008

UN...familiar familiar..ITY

As a child when we see this world with awe, everything is so unfamiliar.Mom becomes our first acquaintance and a starting point for harboring the feelings of familiarity.

With familiarity we are able to connect to people.Over time we make relationships out of it .I have seen people waging a constant battle with unfamiliarity until they get familiar with everything they are surrounded with.

Its far more interesting how each person reacts to unfamiliarity. Some may get into their shells and become silent and not accessible because they are so uncomfortable to unfamiliar surroundings whereas in some cases people who have been there in such situations are more open to it. They take it as a challenging and exciting phase of life. They see it as an opportunity to discover something new which can be a thrilling experience for a life time.

Whatever may be the case and the reaction which is got out of treading unfamiliar familiarity I strongly believe ………

………………Life is all about confronting unfami…