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Disturbing Korean OASIS...Fabulous Peruvian Jazz(Wkend May 10,11th 2008)

Alexander movie by Oliver Stone - Great new insight about the Alexander the great and all the soldiers,what they could have gone through,ups and lows of life in general.I would say an elegant movie with a stunning presentation on screen.

Globe Trekker - DVD Series This time its.... about Ireland.
Not as impressive as Scotland coverage still not bad.
Tori islands was nice basically an island with 125 people as inhabitants.

Hyderabad Nawabs - Not as great as Angrez but still a decent film to watch.

American Asian Heritage Week - As part of This I saw the Korean OASIS movie. It was a disturbing movie. A very bold love story. I must say spectacular histrionics.

Love story between a physically handicapped woman and a guy who was a convict with 3 cases against him.

May 11th 2008
Set out for attending a seminar on understanding Jewish culture after I reached the seminar by 5 minutes late I found the room was pretty dull and not interactive so peeped into a concert near by which I kept as a backup …

Pacha Rocks Me Again...April 26th,27th 2008

Vantage Point Movie wonderful movie after a very long time saw a movie which was so thrilling with the freshness of its take.Attended Sociedad Latina Party at Pachita.This time Samba Dance was the highlight.It was great the whole dance floor become all the more lively amidst Samba dancers and the vibrant music. Later shifted to Pacha until morning 6am.Pacha has amazing sound and lighting effects its a different experience altogether.All in all yet another nice weekend.

Bee Life,Classmates(April 19,20 Weekend)

Adding few things to Blog,Woodside Grocery Shopping.
Classmates Telugu movie(Good movie - nice reunion story of college alumni )
Appud Appudu (Telugu movie shreya reddy and raja) another (good one)
Nee Valle Nee Valle (Telugu yet other good movie)

Bee Life:Wonderful movie great imagination...and nice script

House Maintenance - haha cleaning...routine chores...
Oh yeah written few poems...will upload shortly...

Edison To Flushing Via Edinburgh(Weekend May 3,4, 2008)

Saturday May 3rd:Travel in New Jersey,Edison,Oaktree to Durham Woods Community,Royal Fields Community.Lunch at Dakshin.
Travel to New Jersey was great however travel back home in NY was lot more affable.
Saw a Telugu Movie titled Okka Mogadu.Movie was just fine.

Telugu : 8th largest spoken language in the world.

After saw Globe Trekker DVD series Tour to Scotland by one of my favorites ***Megan McCormick***. Awesome is the only word I have. Scottish Accent,Mighty William Wallace,Chocolate Puffs,An Escapade into trekking spots,The Glaswegian accent,International school of Pied Pipers,Scottish Music,Scottish folk dance,William Wallace...act,Cursed a DVD for yourself its a great personal collection.

Later tried hand on few Guitar chords....and learned a Hindi song....Tum Se Hi from the movie Jab We Met

May 4th 2008
It was early Sunday by then slept and got up at 12:15 in the afternoon and logged in from bed to check there was an interesting event in Flushing Auditorium

Hurried up g…