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The Question is no more Is it Me or Is it You I guess its “US”

We have seen Bear, Lehman and Merrill perishing. Freddie, Fanny, AIG have just been rescued in time however it seems the help is still required for these companies to sustain further.

Huge Financial houses known to man are under threat. It seems like sooner or later every institution would get engulfed before the scope of the impact can be realized.

The latest talk of the town being Citibank. When Citi announced job cuts of 53,000 cutting down costs by 20% annually it send shocking waves into the market. Given the mammoth number it was more than a natural reaction for each employee to have questioned “Is it Me” or “Is it You”.

But this question perished in 2 days with Citi stock value dipping 20% on an average consecutively and saw itself at “3.77$”. The question has got drastically changed with this scenario. Its no more Me or You. Its “US”.

Though they are literally few options in these scenarios the coming week starting with Nov 24th shall definitely will be a tough & challengi…

Nations Finding Solace in Austerity

The great depression, credit crisis, the meltdown, recession, global financial turmoil, market crisis what ever may be the name whole thing boils down to increased chaos and uncertainty in terms of financial sector operations and all associated sectors which leaves very little scope for imagination.

Given the crisis world leaders, economists, analysts, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists all people from all streams are struggling to see the end of the tunnel.

One unanimous decision ever anybody could arrive was cutting down on expenses until things look ok. Operating costs have become a huge overhead when businesses are not meeting new customers & investors taking the capital out with lack of confidence. Markets mood is quite pessimistic and in many a cases over reaction is pulling the chords further.

I see nations cutting down on spending drastically. Interest rates being cut which helps cash ridden hungry markets a breather. Common man also has to adhere to Austere l…

Opposite of Jhet - Assistant Jhet...

Well it was long back in May 2008 yet another long day at work was coming to an end,
I overheard one of my colleagues from other team asking her team member a question.

By the nature of the question it was quite straight forward what made it really interesting to quote at this moment was the reply & the context.

The question was "What is Opposite Of Jhet?"
Her team member to put an end to the turbulent struggle within his brain and given the fact he was also exhausted and thinking of hurrying home faster gave a firm reply Assistant Jhet.....or may be Senior Jhet.

That is it...all the people who heard burst into laughter.

The next day I did manage to research to get the opposite it was jhetani...
and so did others,every body had right answers but the reply lingered.

Hilarious instances with such a kinda genuineness remain cherish able for life time...