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Showing posts from April 6, 2008

An Independance From Parenting

Parenting is very soon going to become an extinct commodity with the hectic lifestyles we lead as individuals. Part time mothers are the norm of the day; nothing against anybody it’s a mandatory feature as we see everybody wanting to be independent.

No matter how much I earn or my wife earns, even in the wildest of my dreams I don’t see me giving the amount of time I spent with my father and mother during my childhood. With changing times we also change. Probably human beings are the only animals changing so rapidly and eternally oblivious to the perils of their change, many a times its challenging the very existence of the planet they live on. Please note all advancements have not lead to the situations we are in, I mean there are many things where we have developed in the truest sense and it is obvious that it was realized only because of many souls putting into lot of work in their respective fields.This is all part of the big picture. Let this not sound satirical and see not things…