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A must watch for Homosapiens and Humans as well...

Just see to History of any nation,it definitely has so many instances where it feels shy to away. Probably every part of the World has been trying to cover its ugly flashes of time by projecting its maturity how it has learned a lesson.

To just draw this point more justice I bring open an impeccable feature film which to my personal standards was scarier than any imaginable horrendous contexts life can throw.

Ladies and Gentlemen its 1947 Earth by Deepa Mehta.
Its a must watch film for all inhabitants under the sky and a mandatory prescription for the modern homosapiens so that they can admire and hopefully incline and evolve to a species called Human.This dosage can kill the gaining homosapien thoughts in U if you are currently a human :) reached till hear...Bravo!!! you were definitely humane to my writeup..well I got to give a present..

find more info on it at imdb

Thanks to my friend for suggesting this movie.

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