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How about Seeing BIG than just thinking BIG :)

LG HS201 Slim LED Projector Review

Itz been 48 hours beamed to this gorgeous LED gun on a plain white wall and the pictures I see are a beauty for the price,the contrast of colours standout.

I have done more than 2 weeks of intensive research on projectors the underlying technologies DLP,LCD,LED,LCOS etc....the contrast number games,the lumens myths and decided on what I wanted
and based on the budget and the long term maintenance costs.

Below video may not represent the quality as in real time since its captured using HTC HD2 camcorder.I will try to get a real video review with my DSLR to better justify the product.

For 500 bucks,110 inch screen with crisp colors and 30000hr lamp life,HDMI plug gable option,I think its a killer.

Lemme know if you have any questions.