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Historical Meet Of Two INDIANS in TOKYO


U can catch up with MOMA PART –I here...
After covering all the galleries I catched a Yugoslavian movie with English subtitles."The Dog Which ran behind the Train".The take of the movie,characters chosen were all very close to interior parts of Yugoslavia.Quite a different story lineup and with a sad ending.All in all it didn't seem fictional as it posed to be.If we compare with Hollywood or Bollywood(Indian cinema) its way behind the technical standards.

Here are few of the 100's of snaps I have shot at The Museum of Modern Art.If you happen to be in New York I would suggest never to miss a chance to glance upon this priceless treasure of art.

MOMA Part III follows....


MOMA is the Museum Of Modern Art in 53rd street NewYork.E train by subway is easiest way to reach this.Its just 15 minutes for me from Roosevelt Avenue.If u have an appetite to art there is no second thinking about it.Great works by Picasso,Rousseau,Salvador Dali,Henri Matisse,Francis Bacon..hmm to my mind I could recollect only these but they are many famous contemporary works at display.

While I was watching one of the open exhibits in the museum I wished to click a picture of me with a giant spider formation & since I was not allowed to carry a tripod and had no aid to support my camera to auto shoot me,I took the help of a visitor who was clicking her kid with the spider...haha and this kid was not going away in-spite of calling twice.I told her to go ahead with the photo and later asked her if I can have another snap with the kid zoomed in.

This is the first one..See the kid...haha...he is looking at me with questions all over his face

and the next one here
In th…

Week End(April 12,13,14 2008)

Changing template has eaten more than 30 hours since saturday afternoon 2pm until sunday morning 4am and second round from sunday afternoon 2pm to monday night 2pm still there is lot of work to do since I dint wanted to use the normal 3 column template as seen in every page load else where.I got into the house on Friday evening 7pm and since then didn't even step out until Monday afternoon.I took a planned leave to take more time to add the new features to my blog.I am glad with the following things

Template Change from black colour to new one
Added social bookmarking icons
trying to enhance read more tags
Learned using online icon creators
Learned using page load time and tweaking page to load faster from 0.75 sec to 0.38sec
Some tips on ahref tag
very shortly try bringing up my black template too
A Floral Template on flowers

Thanks to blogger guide online.Its simply wonderful
Blogger Tips site...

Apart from this I caught up a telugu movie Navvu Navvinchu,english movie Doomsday,Kill Me Lat…