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Are We Selling our Bodies Infinitely?

Can we pose unrelated questions in a given situation?

When we are crazily dancing,drinking can we think of a kid crying in Somalia out of hunger(First of All Why the Hell should we think only at that point)

Even if we would,what is the benefit we get,so our brain immediately ignores it. (BENEFIT or PROFIT)

We dance until our body gets exhausted haha rather until our body permits. Then we rest the body for the trouble it has taken and get up after we feel better.

Given the assumption we have exploited our body on the name of ENJOYMENT/INDULGENCE we get up with a very tired feeling which we try to SHOWCASE to PEOPLE in fashionable terms as hangover.I dont know how did anyone get the right to exploit one's own body?(silly question)

We are primarily driven by desires. The commonality being HAPPINESS(Are we clear with what Happiness is or rather define it thru the life as time goes by,changing its definition?). To achieve rather discover Happiness they are plethora of options b…