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Showing posts from November 13, 2008

Opposite of Jhet - Assistant Jhet...

Well it was long back in May 2008 yet another long day at work was coming to an end,
I overheard one of my colleagues from other team asking her team member a question.

By the nature of the question it was quite straight forward what made it really interesting to quote at this moment was the reply & the context.

The question was "What is Opposite Of Jhet?"
Her team member to put an end to the turbulent struggle within his brain and given the fact he was also exhausted and thinking of hurrying home faster gave a firm reply Assistant Jhet.....or may be Senior Jhet.

That is it...all the people who heard burst into laughter.

The next day I did manage to research to get the opposite it was jhetani...
and so did others,every body had right answers but the reply lingered.

Hilarious instances with such a kinda genuineness remain cherish able for life time...