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Showing posts from April 20, 2008

Jenny's Birthday Bash,Latina Party @ Pachitha

Its Jenny's Birthday Bash at Pachita.An event organized and coordinated for Socieda Latina group.Understandably my first Latina party.Latina music was excellent.Though I could hardly relate to couple of tunes I enjoyed the freshness and the diversity in the music.I liked the dance floor only complain initially was the decibel levels at which music was played felt like my ears were trying to escape the harsh sound waves hitting them.I helped them further by avoiding proximity to speakers all through the night.After the Party was over just glanced at Pacha downstairs but it was early morning so decided to taxi me back home.
Weekend March 19th,2008.

Turkish Party @ Euro Circle

It was March 18th got an invitation for Turkish party just when I set out of office towards home.I was excited since itz my first introduction to Turkish music and attending a party on a weekday.The ambiance was wonderful.The most interesting part of the party is the Belly Dance competition.
All people in the party were given a open invitation for participating in it however few participated. One participant was amazing and she was rightly chosen for the prize of 250$. It was a wonderful party and yeah I could click few good snaps at the party and on my way back through Lexington subway.I like the tunnel view photograph.