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Wanna buy a Drone ?

How many of us wanna fly ? hmm....arguably all of us would want to.  why not , right ?
Luckily we all realize that therz a common force connecting all animate & inanimate in this universe. Its one of the fundamental forces defined by Physics , The gravitational force.
Now that gravity of matter is understood and accepted by humanity.Humans have constantly engaged themselves in understanding the science of defying gravity by studying air.
Right from Aristotle's time there was some kind of effort to it. 19th century had great impetus for this and lo we see ourselves flying. However the quest to explore new possibilities has helped us to land in new territories.
Yay...Its "The Age of Drones" which is opening whole new possibilities.For photography enthusiasts like me it unleashes affordable aerial photography/videography. If you want to explore more into this turf below information might get you inspired and get you started :)

Another cool DJI phantom contest winning …