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Hey Euro R U Our Next Hero....

After the World War II US Dollar has become the most favorable trading currency. US the only nation, which allowed convertibility to its dollar during the turbulent times of World War II, faired well in establishing itself as a reserve currency replacing Pound. Total trading volumes in US dollar was more than 48% placing it far above than any other global currency.

The formation of Euro has been a historic decision in global Currency market. Euro came into existence in 1999. Since its inception in 11 countries it has been a strong contender to USD. It’s pegged currently by 10 currencies. The growth of Euro was steady and gradual. Total trading volumes in Euro rose to 34%, which is, still less to USD trading volumes globally.

With weakened dollar values triggered by credit crisis Euro has been gaining a greater confidence. Euro zone currently consists of 15 countries with many more nations in the pipeline to join. A single currency across the member countries marked by lower interest rat…