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U can catch up with MOMA PART –II here...

The journey starts here...5th Avenue,50th Street & my favorite E Line

The Famous St.Thomas Church splendid monument on the way to MOMA

Entrance to Eternal Bliss

subtle evening sunrays tickling the Zara store At The Junction of 5th Avenue

sun light Gushing into 5th Avenue a beautiful thing to Gaze at

We are almost there....
11th Jan 2008-MOMA Journey Continues....

77 Water Street,Excellent View From My Office

camera:Canon Powershot A60
focal length:16.2mm
exposure time:0.001s(1/800)
taken on Feb 7th 2008 from the office window during lunch 2:11:39 pm



2:12:25 pm another helicopter on the helipad,This picture with a Tungsten filter and 2x zoomed out.

A Tribute To Wall Street

Camera:Canon Powershot A60
Flash:Not Used
Focal Length:5.4mm

Snap took on Feb 5th at 9:30 pm while returning from work at Wall Street Subway(1,2,3 line)

One Of my Favorite snaps of the NY SUBWAY...

If Every Country is Developed what would be Next?

A sudden cloud of fear struck me with the thought if the whole world gets developed is it going to be monotonous...will things look the same spanning all nations. Though the thought is wonderful to dream.... my gut feeling says even before we can reach such a point we would definitely figure out a creative way to destroy some part of the world may be for a existing reason or a new reason out of the box.

I am now more contended and comfortable with the exemplary execution which can happen out of human stupidity.The impact is timeless,unimaginable.In some cases with cutting edge technologies and knowledge it can intensify the process. we shall surprise ourselves.

The Great Beer Famine

This is the real concern I am bogged down these days with the global warming in the rampage there is shortage of water in New Zealand,Australia as a result its effecting barley production which is a significant raw material for Beer Breweries. The situation is dampening in entire American region as well.

I foresee a huge Beer Famine in the making.This seems to be more serious than the huge recession clouds passing by me while I work in Wall Street.I appeal to all my beering fraternity to try ponder on while they have their next mug of beer.Its tough to imagine our future generations deprived of this privilege.

Three Cheers to beer at least we have found a reason to sacrifice some time to think about so called mother nature/earth.


Lexington Avenue Escalator to E line

On The Way Back home from Turkish Party at Lexington Avenue Station. Escalator to reach E line to Queens....
Note:The photograph was taken in a moving escalator in an auto mode with no image stabilization

Jenny's Birthday Bash,Latina Party @ Pachitha

Its Jenny's Birthday Bash at Pachita.An event organized and coordinated for Socieda Latina group.Understandably my first Latina party.Latina music was excellent.Though I could hardly relate to couple of tunes I enjoyed the freshness and the diversity in the music.I liked the dance floor only complain initially was the decibel levels at which music was played felt like my ears were trying to escape the harsh sound waves hitting them.I helped them further by avoiding proximity to speakers all through the night.After the Party was over just glanced at Pacha downstairs but it was early morning so decided to taxi me back home.
Weekend March 19th,2008.

Turkish Party @ Euro Circle

It was March 18th got an invitation for Turkish party just when I set out of office towards home.I was excited since itz my first introduction to Turkish music and attending a party on a weekday.The ambiance was wonderful.The most interesting part of the party is the Belly Dance competition.
All people in the party were given a open invitation for participating in it however few participated. One participant was amazing and she was rightly chosen for the prize of 250$. It was a wonderful party and yeah I could click few good snaps at the party and on my way back through Lexington subway.I like the tunnel view photograph.

Sateesh....King Of Queens :)

Historical Meet Of Two INDIANS in TOKYO


U can catch up with MOMA PART –I here...
After covering all the galleries I catched a Yugoslavian movie with English subtitles."The Dog Which ran behind the Train".The take of the movie,characters chosen were all very close to interior parts of Yugoslavia.Quite a different story lineup and with a sad ending.All in all it didn't seem fictional as it posed to be.If we compare with Hollywood or Bollywood(Indian cinema) its way behind the technical standards.

Here are few of the 100's of snaps I have shot at The Museum of Modern Art.If you happen to be in New York I would suggest never to miss a chance to glance upon this priceless treasure of art.

MOMA Part III follows....


MOMA is the Museum Of Modern Art in 53rd street NewYork.E train by subway is easiest way to reach this.Its just 15 minutes for me from Roosevelt Avenue.If u have an appetite to art there is no second thinking about it.Great works by Picasso,Rousseau,Salvador Dali,Henri Matisse,Francis Bacon..hmm to my mind I could recollect only these but they are many famous contemporary works at display.

While I was watching one of the open exhibits in the museum I wished to click a picture of me with a giant spider formation & since I was not allowed to carry a tripod and had no aid to support my camera to auto shoot me,I took the help of a visitor who was clicking her kid with the spider...haha and this kid was not going away in-spite of calling twice.I told her to go ahead with the photo and later asked her if I can have another snap with the kid zoomed in.

This is the first one..See the kid...haha...he is looking at me with questions all over his face

and the next one here
In th…

Week End(April 12,13,14 2008)

Changing template has eaten more than 30 hours since saturday afternoon 2pm until sunday morning 4am and second round from sunday afternoon 2pm to monday night 2pm still there is lot of work to do since I dint wanted to use the normal 3 column template as seen in every page load else where.I got into the house on Friday evening 7pm and since then didn't even step out until Monday afternoon.I took a planned leave to take more time to add the new features to my blog.I am glad with the following things

Template Change from black colour to new one
Added social bookmarking icons
trying to enhance read more tags
Learned using online icon creators
Learned using page load time and tweaking page to load faster from 0.75 sec to 0.38sec
Some tips on ahref tag
very shortly try bringing up my black template too
A Floral Template on flowers

Thanks to blogger guide online.Its simply wonderful
Blogger Tips site...

Apart from this I caught up a telugu movie Navvu Navvinchu,english movie Doomsday,Kill Me Lat…

Expressing Thru Photography is a Wonderful Art

Where iz My Mama...I got to go to MOMA....
wanna know more about this lovely kid & all 2morow....until then take care bye..

Are We Selling our Bodies Infinitely?

Can we pose unrelated questions in a given situation?

When we are crazily dancing,drinking can we think of a kid crying in Somalia out of hunger(First of All Why the Hell should we think only at that point)

Even if we would,what is the benefit we get,so our brain immediately ignores it. (BENEFIT or PROFIT)

We dance until our body gets exhausted haha rather until our body permits. Then we rest the body for the trouble it has taken and get up after we feel better.

Given the assumption we have exploited our body on the name of ENJOYMENT/INDULGENCE we get up with a very tired feeling which we try to SHOWCASE to PEOPLE in fashionable terms as hangover.I dont know how did anyone get the right to exploit one's own body?(silly question)

We are primarily driven by desires. The commonality being HAPPINESS(Are we clear with what Happiness is or rather define it thru the life as time goes by,changing its definition?). To achieve rather discover Happiness they are plethora of options b…

An Independance From Parenting

Parenting is very soon going to become an extinct commodity with the hectic lifestyles we lead as individuals. Part time mothers are the norm of the day; nothing against anybody it’s a mandatory feature as we see everybody wanting to be independent.

No matter how much I earn or my wife earns, even in the wildest of my dreams I don’t see me giving the amount of time I spent with my father and mother during my childhood. With changing times we also change. Probably human beings are the only animals changing so rapidly and eternally oblivious to the perils of their change, many a times its challenging the very existence of the planet they live on. Please note all advancements have not lead to the situations we are in, I mean there are many things where we have developed in the truest sense and it is obvious that it was realized only because of many souls putting into lot of work in their respective fields.This is all part of the big picture. Let this not sound satirical and see not things…

Aren't U Having A Telepathic Mind ?

There is an immense clarity in me that I can understand feelings,thoughts of people not through any communication received to any of my senses.It has happened to me at very few instances but when it happens with few people on almost consistent basis this makes me feel "The more I share the more I have" This is uninterrupted communication beating time hmm..also space(distance)....and of course physical barrier.Give it a thought this must be an inherent potential of every brain,probably this is why I am able to send and receive communication(thoughts and feelings).I communicate on a daily basis,day in day out independant of time and distance.

"Its undoubtedly a miracle The More We Share The More We Have" --Sateesh.

When Cleopatra Cribs :)

Check Romanian song Ghita by the wonder kid Cleopatra Stratan. Romanian version is lot better than the english counterpart. The native rendition is very interesting especially when she pronounces laporkittar,brev :).

All I can say try buzz ur romanian friends & u will definitely unravel fun....once you understand the lyrics.

Quite a creative cribbing :P

To read more info on this wonderkid in the wiki click on the title.
Cleopatra wiki

Njoy the song