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Thank You :)))

A very nice message sent across in this comedy true to ur better half in ur feelings and dealings :)

both husband & wife ....but the point is crystal clear, Itz always Royal To be Loyal  :)

Njoy the song

Lo.....Itz JLO :)

I am not gonna review on this...just get the woofer equalizer up & go for it...njoy :)))

Have A Ear To Hear 6.1 Spatial expression by Viju Shah

Aaj Ka Shaam Aicha Ke Naam :)

And here we go.....let me dedicate yet another song....

ye kaisa sama hain....palak palak pe khwaab hain.... :)

well friends let me not indulge even before u...get a chance is a very nice song for getting one into a a fun filled evening. The subtlety of the chords from the guitar just enhance the romanticism in the air even further.

In the movie the song just rings in and doesn't come as a deliberate attempt,good job by the director.

The Socialist & The Capitalist 143 by SK Challa

Socialism ideally an amazing thought to treat a horse and a mule the same way :) well that could be too mean as a critique but I have heard many vehemently condemning it for not encouraging meritocracy. For some It’s been the most ideal revolution and the form of governance where the resources are being shared with no impairment to the delegation and the faculties of execution.
Time and again things have gone and matured to emanate from the broken norms and it was 1917 when the world grew to see my Misha world being formed headed by Lenin. I had no idea when Misha landed into Sebastian’s hand.
As he pondered and went back onto the goodness ride back into time along the lanes of memory indeed. He stood still at his Class 2 schooling summer days when his zeal for books has gone beyond infancy. He enjoyed the dream of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :) passed further and he saw him asking his dad for books from the library as his school was closed for vacation. His dad not a great read…

Dow Ending Higher but Playing Defense :)

DOW is having its ride..and yet another day in its stride...keeping aside the mixed signals of the indicators
of economy, I firmly believe therz so much of volatility in the commodities which is making investors to search
for direction.

for instance yesterday crude market episode made Dow go read but itz back up in the teen green as I say :)

Thanks to the necessities of existence I mean the commodities :)

few indicators of various hot ticker symbols from one of my favorite sites.

Day Trading Stock

Tum Jo Aaye With Lyrics

Its not about once upon a time,its about all time when the lyrics with the "Mithas" of literary genius echo the right emotion music shall be a celebration.

A writer when jots the thoughts cannot just write on the periphery unless he becomes the subject and truly sees himself in the situation.Only then it becomes music all else it shall remain words of literature.

Hope you enjoy the ride ....& sing along...."Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi"

The Arti Of What I Call As Natural Bliss

This Arti for SwamiNarayan follows  the rythm of Om Jai Jagadish hare originally created by Pandit Shardha Ram Phillauri.

Every language has a charm and when it confluences with the rhythm one can feel associated with higher happiness in the most natural way ....and indeed Arti does fill the soul with Sahajananda.

hope you all delve in the spiritual consciousness.

Shirdi Saibaba Shej Aarthi by Sant Tukaram Maharaj

There are tons of Aarthi songs for every deity,Shirdi Saibaba Aarthi's are performed in the morning,afternoon,evening and night each time has its own significance.

below is collection of Shej aarthi performed in the night. Its meaning can be found at the below link

Shej Aarthi Meaning and Lyrics

Delhi 6 :Exuberance Of Aichaa...

In all exuberance this song is a true celebration of independent spirit,running thru the narrow streets of old Delhi....the plot involved in the film...about the monkey man......

bringing in the ugly face of humanity ..well ya on their rooted beliefs narrow mindedness all culminating to the ram leela maidan lead of the real culprit...indeed Delhi 6 has quite a nail biting moments ....

This songs just stands out....

Ever Soothing.....Vaishnav Janato With Meaning

Vaishnava Janato has a very profound message wonder it was bapu's favorite bhajan.

I was not aware of the complete meaning earlier & was thrilled on knowing this Gujarati Gem.

Below video has english & german subtitles but I feel the meaning is much more accurate on the wiki,so I would 

suggest the curious souls to go ahead with below wiki link

Wiki Link

Need To Discuss

Need To Discuss

It was a November,

When I sat to discuss,

I made it clear,

to me money is dear,

mark me up the market gear,

assured to take up anything without fear,

I understand the dynamics of economics,

from the other end and my end too,

I took this stance,

I was proved right once giving it a chance.

The table has gone pale,

covered with pallets of snow,

It took time you know,

The winter was cruel,nothing could grow,

but it came one day,

snow springed  into rain,

with the onset of streak of glow,

by the way itz May & I am sat.

May we Dance

May we walk The Talk

Aisnt that so very boring especially after hearing time and again

but hey itz a impolite no somethings are quintessential to the very existence.

To make things much delightful I propose an updated version of walking the talk with fun....

May we dance,
On every chance,
Tangoing further,
at every glance :)

Everyone out there have a fabulous month ahead !!!