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Are We Selling our Bodies Infinitely?

Can we pose unrelated questions in a given situation?

When we are crazily dancing,drinking can we think of a kid crying in Somalia out of hunger(First of All Why the Hell should we think only at that point)

Even if we would,what is the benefit we get,so our brain immediately ignores it. (BENEFIT or PROFIT)

We dance until our body gets exhausted haha rather until our body permits. Then we rest the body for the trouble it has taken and get up after we feel better.

Given the assumption we have exploited our body on the name of ENJOYMENT/INDULGENCE we get up with a very tired feeling which we try to SHOWCASE to PEOPLE in fashionable terms as hangover.I dont know how did anyone get the right to exploit one's own body?(silly question)

We are primarily driven by desires. The commonality being HAPPINESS(Are we clear with what Happiness is or rather define it thru the life as time goes by,changing its definition?). To achieve rather discover Happiness they are plethora of options but in the process the body gets used/exploited. I havent heard of anybody who is healthy and rather not too old comically asking his body "Hey Body Can I go ahead I am trying to pursue this ambition/happiness?" . I guess is a big no. Its yes with people who are facing illness,physical disability,Old age. We go ahead with our Selfish motives taking it for granted with our bodies and go on and on until our body says back to us "look boss I am tired,I cant cooperate with you".

Some smart brains can understand this fact much earlier so they try install in some DISCIPLINE and are CONSCIOUS of their INDULGENCE (healthy) . They EXERCISE regularly to keep the body toned so that it can be used for longer time. Out of this discipline and exercise activity billions of people draw HAPPINESS feel happy for the very fact of their communication with body is great. Now this feel good factor can be used in many forms by the same person and rather many people use it many forms.

If people are not knowlegeable of this fact they would be made aware by the rest of the community. DISCIPLINE and EXERCISE find ACCEPTANCE from society.

To illustrate few benefits to which people use the feel good factor is to SELL it for entertainment,to ATTRACT people,to use it effectively for achieving their Selfish motives(Goals,Ambitions) etc.

Please note:This article doesnt want to say Selfishness,Enjoyment,Indulgence,Profit,showcasing is bad or good.

In the above 2 paragraphs I have empathized with the body saying we are being selfish in exploiting it to draw happiness it seems true to some extent but "Can we draw happiness without using our body?" rather "are we intelligeble enough to think apart from our body?". Probably this is all about Meditation to think away from body and find infinite enjoyment or bliss. However this seems boring because I cant SHOWCASE. In the first place people cant find it easily and even if they managed its a real tough process.Since I never experienced it I cant elaborate on this front.

since we are primarily drawing happiness out of the 5 senses of the body

· Eye - See

· Ear - Hear

· Skin - Touch

· Tongue - Taste

· Nose - Breathe

Out of this limited senses we have created a world of options to indulge our body. I feel to achieve these options man is relentlessly working hard. His entire journey is all about acquiring or experiencing these instruments of happiness. Since these are bodily driven , it gets entertained until the body entertains it. Rather to say it is temporary.

Once the instruments of happiness have been experienced or acquired they have to be SHOWCASED to people.

For example I enjoy music a lot so I keep hearing to music or playing music. Once the ear stops receiving its gone. I no longer can enjoy. Now I start showcasing to people my experiences "You know what when I hear this stuff it was Awesome,I felt like this blah,blah" etc

So I would rather say since body gives us limiting options of drawing happiness I would not empathize with it rather EXPLOIT it :) because in the end the "I RULES" over anything in this world so our body is no exception to that.

The Driving factors SUCCESS,WEALTH
People who are successful,wealthy are identified with the highest of these instruments of happiness. Arguably they would possess the best of the worlds comforts.

Please understand Success,Wealth is in no way related to HAPPINESS with the very fact many successful,wealthy people have woeful stories than the common man.

A world report portrays people in underdeveloped countries and developing nations are far more happier than the ones living in Developed geographies.Happiness is in being happy with what one has and Success is in achieving what he or she wants to do.

People who are SUCCESSFUL or WEALTHY
These people dictate rules of conduct for the society or rather society is comfortable accepting their decisions,imitating their methodologies etc(again no blames on being successful or wealthy).They can make out of the box decisions,unconventional which people are very comfortable following blindly.Its the mob mentality,go with the flow and later perish into oblivion.

The Motives of BUSINESS
By and large the BUSINESS OF BUSINESS IS TO DO BUSINESS. It demands profits,results. I cant imagine any product which is being sold or marketed has an altruistic nature. HIgh end products sold as a STATUS symbol and when things become common it is sold as luxury,convenience,necessity.

Me being from South Asia,to be precise INDIA.I am now all the more curious why were there so many YOGIS in INDIA and why not anyother place in the world? This is a mean attempt only out of imagination rather scientific or facts. I guess the Gangetic plain was one of the fertile regions in the world and the Aryans race was quite intelligent genetically so they didnt have to really worry about basic problems of inhabitation food,water and shelter and since the population at those times was very low no competition to prove etc. made them to think of the community rather than just themselves or a freedom to think above the body.This thinking and research in this direction has given the way to many sages and yogis.

Take for instance the amount of hardships an icelandic man or any human being who have inhabited in the Deserts has faced to get food.He can get ready to do anything to keep him alive since its hard for him to survive.There is hardly any room for thought out of his very existence.

The Backgound to this article
Hitting the Dance floor after Pragathi resorts Polaris Stream Outing in 2005. I was watching the thought provoking taare zameen par movie,In the middle I had to drop since I wanted to give me a chance as what people describe so much about Nightlife,Nightlife all the time.In Tokyo I never did since I was alone as I preferred to be. Here I have no option but to share. In a way its good its getting me to know people from different backgrounds.

one of my roomates birthday party was hosted in Lafayette Bar and Restaurant in the Downtown. Were there until 12:15 night until cake cutting then moved to a NightClub.Enjoyed dancing till morning 4:30 then went all the way to Astoria and ate in the Diner.I was the only crazy guy who ordered 2 scoops of icecream early in the morning at a freezing temperature of -6. haha again its the Tongue/taste. To wind it up completed the movie and as usual its another nice movie.
INTERESTING OBSERVATION:Do Something Completely Different or SURPRISE YOURSELF,It can trigger you a new experience and whole abundance of wonderful thoughts

Authored By :Challa Sateesh Kumar
Started :January 20th 2008(1:41 PM)
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