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An Independance From Parenting

Parenting is very soon going to become an extinct commodity with the hectic lifestyles we lead as individuals. Part time mothers are the norm of the day; nothing against anybody it’s a mandatory feature as we see everybody wanting to be independent.

No matter how much I earn or my wife earns, even in the wildest of my dreams I don’t see me giving the amount of time I spent with my father and mother during my childhood. With changing times we also change. Probably human beings are the only animals changing so rapidly and eternally oblivious to the perils of their change, many a times its challenging the very existence of the planet they live on. Please note all advancements have not lead to the situations we are in, I mean there are many things where we have developed in the truest sense and it is obvious that it was realized only because of many souls putting into lot of work in their respective fields.This is all part of the big picture. Let this not sound satirical and see not things in Black or White but a region called grey, where the reality is.

Probably 19th and the 20th century has set a different rhythm on to the globe.21st century with this momentum has become a different breed altogether.
What we saw in the Americas or Europe in the early 1930’s has already become the default norm even in the family intensive societies of Asia. We are the most intelligent species, changed and re-organized family structure to gain more independence on ourselves, rather to say to shed responsibilities so that we can get along with our own wishes.

Nuclear families have become a norm and huge joint families have perished to the pressure and comfort of a nuclear family. It was the best strategy to break free from centralized control of family heads. Haha no body wants to live in hierarchy, every body needs democracy.
Now that we are nuclear, is this gonna help us trade into future. It’s a thumping NO. This can only go until we reach a single unit. We currently have no time to spend with our kids nor wife and worst with ourselves. We have come to a point where we need to schedule to see if we can accommodate to become parents. There is proper planning required and huge amount of TIME and MONEY involved. The combination of Money and Time is a rare commodity even if we are ok with it we are not comfortable to accept this fact since we got to do better year after year until our last breath. In the process we see raising a family as a huge burden and one of the toughest decisions to make as it demands our commitment 24 by 7 all through life. I sniff very soon our elegant advancements could empower us with an out of the box idea which currently is not perceivable by my brain for the obvious limitation it possess. This idea what I can see would help parenting an independent process. Probably enabling the child to grow on itself J there by giving us ample time to go on with our advancement.

Feelings I tried to jot down after I have seen the movie March Of the Penguins.
This is a thought provoking guide to parenting. It helps understand how Penguins decide to love in the harshest place on earth. Thanks to National Geographic society and all the people associated in making this movie a possibility.

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