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MOMA is the Museum Of Modern Art in 53rd street NewYork.E train by subway is easiest way to reach this.Its just 15 minutes for me from Roosevelt Avenue.If u have an appetite to art there is no second thinking about it.Great works by Picasso,Rousseau,Salvador Dali,Henri Matisse,Francis Bacon..hmm to my mind I could recollect only these but they are many famous contemporary works at display.

While I was watching one of the open exhibits in the museum I wished to click a picture of me with a giant spider formation & since I was not allowed to carry a tripod and had no aid to support my camera to auto shoot me,I took the help of a visitor who was clicking her kid with the spider...haha and this kid was not going away in-spite of calling twice.I told her to go ahead with the photo and later asked her if I can have another snap with the kid zoomed in.

This is the first one..See the kid...haha...he is looking at me with questions all over his face

and the next one here
In the second photo when I hug him he was expression less a little nervous,in fact I was nervous too you never know he can bang on my spects while I am posing a laugh in the snap but this man was pretty nice posed a great expression,later when I gave him over to his Mama he started a little smile. It was a huge transition for a tiny brain. Hey Dude....Lots of fun coming ahead be prepared, All The Very Best in your life :)

Will get back on what I did more in the MOMA tommorow.