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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Just now saw Captain Corelli's Mandolin....
Its a moving story accompanied with electrifying romance,elegantly directed by john madden.The movies revolves around Cephallonia a beautiful island in Greece.I liked Penelope's histrionics for the first time. She was very natural.Nicolas Cage as always at his best.

In the whole movie I liked this dialog the most
"I am not a religious man but I believe this if there is a wound we must try to heal it.
If there is someone whose pain we can cure we must search till we find them,
If the gods have choosen that we should survive,It will be for a reason....."

All in all a great movie worth a watch at leisure.Thanks to the whole team who is part of the movie.It was nice.

want to know more about the movie
Captain Corelli's Mandolin...