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Disturbing Korean OASIS...Fabulous Peruvian Jazz(Wkend May 10,11th 2008)

Alexander movie by Oliver Stone - Great new insight about the Alexander the great and all the soldiers,what they could have gone through,ups and lows of life in general.I would say an elegant movie with a stunning presentation on screen.

Globe Trekker - DVD Series This time its.... about Ireland.
Not as impressive as Scotland coverage still not bad.
Tori islands was nice basically an island with 125 people as inhabitants.

Hyderabad Nawabs - Not as great as Angrez but still a decent film to watch.

American Asian Heritage Week - As part of This I saw the Korean OASIS movie. It was a disturbing movie. A very bold love story. I must say spectacular histrionics.

Love story between a physically handicapped woman and a guy who was a convict with 3 cases against him.

May 11th 2008
Set out for attending a seminar on understanding Jewish culture after I reached the seminar by 5 minutes late I found the room was pretty dull and not interactive so peeped into a concert near by which I kept as a backup plan.

This turned out to be an excellent experience. True orchestration at work.
Hot Picks at Queens Library: Request Them and Get Them ... Afro-Peruvian & Brazilian Jazz With Corina Bartra [Add to My Events] A concert featuring ...

Then saw a short movie Weeki Watch girls good movie. Triggered my imaginations about why not a very short movie myself ???
weeki wachee girls

Ofcourse bloggin the wkend stuff ...until late 1 pm eating into my weekday....Me to sleep Wish Me and U all A Great Productive Week.....