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Edison To Flushing Via Edinburgh(Weekend May 3,4, 2008)

Saturday May 3rd:Travel in New Jersey,Edison,Oaktree to Durham Woods Community,Royal Fields Community.Lunch at Dakshin.
Travel to New Jersey was great however travel back home in NY was lot more affable.
Saw a Telugu Movie titled Okka Mogadu.Movie was just fine.

Telugu :
8th largest spoken language in the world.

After saw Globe Trekker DVD series Tour to Scotland by one of my favorites ***Megan McCormick***. Awesome is the only word I have. Scottish Accent,Mighty William Wallace,Chocolate Puffs,An Escapade into trekking spots,The Glaswegian accent,International school of Pied Pipers,Scottish Music,Scottish folk dance,William Wallace...act,Cursed a DVD for yourself its a great personal collection.

Later tried hand on few Guitar chords....and learned a Hindi song....Tum Se Hi from the movie Jab We Met

May 4th 2008
It was early Sunday by then slept and got up at 12:15 in the afternoon and logged in from bed to check there was an interesting event in Flushing Auditorium

Hurried up got ready cooked lunch and was out by 1:35. Caught the international express train haha the 7 Train.....reached Flushing by 1:55 and 3 minutes later I find the destination.Exactly at 2 pm I was in Auditorium.

It was an event by Garth Edwin Sunderland from RAM part of Astoria Music Society.Random Access Music (RAM) is a consortium of NYC
composers who write fresh music for Queens audiences. RAM has given voice to a new generation of composers and introduced audiences to new trends.

Some tunes were amazing will upload shortly few snapshots of it.

Scotland Tour got reminded me of my hardcore gaming days....Ahh...I miss the Age Of Empires....(All u hardcore ...Gamers...understand....Age Of Empires,Age Of Mythology,The Castle Age..William Wallace Troops....). I thank Microsoft for this game... Its been more than 4 years that I left it.It was fun to plan strategies and when the brain cells exhaust use cheat codes and upgrade the level to Hard against 9 rivals)