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Nations Finding Solace in Austerity

The great depression, credit crisis, the meltdown, recession, global financial turmoil, market crisis what ever may be the name whole thing boils down to increased chaos and uncertainty in terms of financial sector operations and all associated sectors which leaves very little scope for imagination.

Given the crisis world leaders, economists, analysts, high net worth individuals, venture capitalists all people from all streams are struggling to see the end of the tunnel.

One unanimous decision ever anybody could arrive was cutting down on expenses until things look ok. Operating costs have become a huge overhead when businesses are not meeting new customers & investors taking the capital out with lack of confidence. Markets mood is quite pessimistic and in many a cases over reaction is pulling the chords further.

I see nations cutting down on spending drastically. Interest rates being cut which helps cash ridden hungry markets a breather. Common man also has to adhere to Austere living. He in fact has to observe this mantra in true discipline and devotion since his job is under threat and chances of finding new are bleak. He has to be prudent in spending and have an eye on all the items which can wait and try and monitor all the areas of expenses to see if there is anything which can be cutback.