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The Question is no more Is it Me or Is it You I guess its “US”

We have seen Bear, Lehman and Merrill perishing. Freddie, Fanny, AIG have just been rescued in time however it seems the help is still required for these companies to sustain further.

Huge Financial houses known to man are under threat. It seems like sooner or later every institution would get engulfed before the scope of the impact can be realized.

The latest talk of the town being Citibank. When Citi announced job cuts of 53,000 cutting down costs by 20% annually it send shocking waves into the market. Given the mammoth number it was more than a natural reaction for each employee to have questioned “Is it Me” or “Is it You”.

But this question perished in 2 days with Citi stock value dipping 20% on an average consecutively and saw itself at “3.77$”. The question has got drastically changed with this scenario. Its no more Me or You. Its “US”.

Though they are literally few options in these scenarios the coming week starting with Nov 24th shall definitely will be a tough & challenging week for the giant to see through.