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Celestial Parade - Skip it If U Live > 138 Yrs :)

In general all over world we have tons of parade's happening once every year.
For eg in NY there is Macy's parade,Mermaids Parade....Dominican Parade,Polska Parade etc however if you miss it one year you can hopefully get to watch it next year.

The parade I am referring to is one of a kind if U missed it you will have to wait for 138 Years. If you are confident you can live for more than 138 years U can skip this.. :)

Haha....well let me get to the point,folks I am referring to the Recent Solar Eclipse which globe witnessed. You got to wait for more than 138 years to witness a similar kinda event to occur.

Pictures From this eclipse

Click Here to read complete info about the eclipse.

Find below the path of the eclipse - taken from NASA site.


CELESTIAL PARADE PICTURE - The one I like the most....

This one picture below by NASA speaks volumes about what I call it as a Celestial Parade.

NASA Solar Eclipse