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If I Am Love then who is Tilda Swinton???

If you are here to discover the terrific extravaganza of hollywood please think again.
for "I Am Love" has nothing you want to expect yet has all what it takes for a great movie.
Swinton really comes alive in her natural best depicting the highs & lows sumptously.

Its quite relaxing for the fact that in every frame there isn't any quick pulse raising frame movement.
I would say its a true detour to  Milan.

I am Love tells the story of the wealty Recchi family,whose lives are undergoing sweeping changes.Eduardo the family senior decides to name
a successor to the reins of his massive industrial company and in so doing surprises everyone by splitting power
between his son tancredi and grandson edo.

However Edo has different dreams of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a talented chef,
The whole Tancredi's family story revolves around is his wife,Emma(Tilda swinton) a russian immigrant who has adopted the culture of Milan.

Emma has everything imaginable in her life except for the true meaning of it.
Her existence is shocked to the core as she falls deeply in love with
Antioio and pursues a passionate love affair that changes her family forever.

below is the trailer....a detour to Milan :)

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