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Whats Your Rashee - Jao Na

Pre-dialogue sequence,music hinting the users slowly but surely preparing the tempo and then audience being mesmerized by GUITARR....chords and voice going in sync.

Priyanka chopra does a great job not only in this song but the movie as always believed an artists true talent will come alive by exploring new territories.

I would strongly urge all to try singing especially with a musical instrument trying to match the tempo feels amazing..... This song is a good one to learn with great range to explore.

Lyrics for reference

Singer(s): Malik, Sohail Sen
Tum Jo ho toh gaa rahi hai yeh hawa
Tum jo ho to reshmi si hai fiza
Jao NA JAo Na

Phir na yeh raat aayegi
Phir na yeh rut chaayegi
Phir na yun milna hoga
Phir na jaane kya hoga

Jao na Jao Na

Yeh Raat Thodi toh dhalne do
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do
Aage hai do raah maana magar
Thodi door to saath chalne do
Khone wali ho kal tum
RUk sako jo do pal tum
Kuch tumhari tasveerein
Rakh loon apni aankhon mein

Jao NA