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Have A Ear To Hear 6.1 Spatial expression by Viju Shah

If you love to hear music then why not hear the real pro way in what I call the grandeur of spatial expression in entirety.

One of the few songs which I would want to hear would be from the movie Gupt….”Bechainiyan…”  Itz been tastefully orchestrated and visually appealing.

Thanks to Viju Shah for this Musical Bonanza. Alka’s & Udit’s voice just blend to the starcast impeccably .

Letz get down to the instruments channel the synthetic drums rise and fall in intensity all over the chimes and suddenly the Tabla just runs over the ears connecting them leaving us spellbound and when the voice of Alka & Udit just feels like its almost filling the valleys  haha I think I have made almost a understatement to what you can experience please go ahead and indulge ur senses…… :)

I would recommend 6.1 Dolby by Sony a great competitor to Bose and definitely makes sense in economics as well