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The Socialist & The Capitalist 143 by SK Challa

 Socialism ideally an amazing thought to treat a horse and a mule the same way :) well that could be too mean as a critique but I have heard many vehemently condemning it for not encouraging meritocracy. For some It’s been the most ideal revolution and the form of governance where the resources are being shared with no impairment to the delegation and the faculties of execution.

Time and again things have gone and matured to emanate from the broken norms and it was 1917 when the world grew to see my Misha world being formed headed by Lenin. I had no idea when Misha landed into Sebastian’s hand.

As he pondered and went back onto the goodness ride back into time along the lanes of memory indeed. He stood still at his Class 2 schooling summer days when his zeal for books has gone beyond infancy. He enjoyed the dream of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :) passed further and he saw him asking his dad for books from the library as his school was closed for vacation. His dad not a great reader  yet to his delight had managed to get a set of them.
With the binders I landed onto a cotton cushion chair and a pillow for a lift under my legs and another one under my chin for longer reading comfort……….
So….who or  what is Misha? Did he ever meet ? To know it…please wait for the continuation… can subscribe to my blog