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My Discovery Of Agama Shastra

Recent discovery of Padmanabha swamy temple treasure in the cellars was dramatic.
The significance of the discovery was such that it changed the equations of richest Gods in the world.

An interesting fact which I came across was about getting to discover treasure. No one knew about it until now and no modern gadget detected it. A dream of a priest led this to discovery.

Using latest gadgets and lot of people deployed,local governance could break the cellars for a stellar surprise of priceless wealth.

I heard from a local news channel that before breaking one of the cellars,they were hearing lot of weird sounds when they were approaching to break it, out of fear people refrained & Agama Shastra pundits were requested to take a look.

After looking into the issue pundits confirmed that the treasure was protected
by Naga bandhanas.

what importantly caught my attention was "Agama Shastra". I have heard about it quite a number of times during the modernization attempt of Lord of Seven Hills temple,Tirupati but never tried to research on it.

I came across this great write up on Agama Shastra which changed my belief that not all imaginable forms of knowledge originated from Vedas.

If you are a soul for higher consciousness it might be a great read & hope it surprises you.

Here is the LINK : Agama Shastra