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FREE 763 High Definition TV Channels on Internet

If you live by the best would say life is Surfing, for others its a castaway in isolated digital islands.

& to surf those digital waves(Internet) we just have to embrace browsers.

Being a strong patron of Windows environment for its propensity to cautious openness & allowances for third parties.

I stand by this character of the medium & acknowledge its vulnerability.

IE or internet explorer shipped with the OS has been an amazing recipe through time for helping ourselves fall into a puddle of troubles.

(I know you might have actually read it as tsunami of troubles :)

Tech savvy users have briskly embraced other browsers more importantly Mozilla Firefox not just for its features but also for its popular developer plugin kit options.

Google though primarily a search engine has always been a pioneer in whichever direction it took with its aggressive monopolization of the market with quality features.

Chrome with every new version is definitely very engaging in its many possibilities.

one such possibility which I came across 4 months ago was 763 High Definition TV channels popping out from my browser.

Does that sound like a black friday deal?

best part is I didnt need to use a coupon or provide credit card details.

ok..ok..let me tell you how to get this rolling on your PC.

before we proceed any further I would like to let you know below instructions are for all operating systems which Chrome browser supports :)

step 1: Install chrome : Link for Chrome download

Step 2: After installation is complete navigate to chrome webstore
Chrome webstore link

Step 3: login to your gmail/google account{sign in link will be on the top right most corner of the screen }

Step 4: Now Click this link

Step 5: Install SocialTV & add to Chrome browser

Step 6: SocialTV icon will be added to your browser.

Step 7: Click on the Social TV icon on chrome browser,select your favorite channel in the list & enjoy the show.

My favorites has been top movies channel with exclusive Harry potter,pixar channels round the clock.

Indians world over they are few free HD Bollywood movie channels as well.

You may want to explore the webstore for more fun to add famous games like Angry Birds,Pool,informative apps like NPR,Busuu & productive tools like Quick note app etc.

I am not sure of the regional broadcasting policies & Chrome regulations,I was able to play this content from USA,Canada & UK.

Hope you find this information useful, Enjoy the free High definition quality and the comfort of the Veetle player options,dimming the screen & various re-sizable options.

Happy New Year !!!